Kamara Family Home Tour // Downtown Rogers, AR

     Starting our downtown home tour season off with adding our own plot of progress to the project. It's rather long as I have included before photos and those captured along our journey since our purchase close to two years ago. 

 Facts about the home:  

Our home is 3,700 square foot with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It's close to 110 years old with great bones. We have two staircases with one leading to nowhere. Our basement stays pretty dry and spreads just about the entire size of our home with it's great sump pump. 








Favorite thing about our home:  We love the natural light that we get from sunrise to sundown, the location, and our neighbors (minus the duplex across the street). 


Dining Room

Before and After

What brought your family to downtown Rogers? 

We were drawn to the community and the style of homes. 


Master Bedroom/Bath

Before and After

On the remodel: 

We used Mike Johannsen Construction for all the major work. We actually learned of him through a previous home tour I shot (Wright Family Home Tour) and have used him ever since.

We replumbed the whole home and used Arkie Plumbing.

Our custom fence was done by Ozark Fence Company.

Coyote Quality Hardwood Floors for all our restorative and new flooring. 

Throughout our remodel process, we had every intention of keeping the home as close to original as possible. With that being said, we only moved two walls. One in the library where the sewer line was leaking though the wall and we discovered the original brick from the fireplace so we chose to expose and create a different layout for our current needs. The second wall was upstairs and we chose to make one bedroom smaller to create an additional family room and that also gave us the opportunity to support the roof better. In doing this the foundational integrity of our home had to be considered and reinforced throughout the basement.

And there you have it, our budget went to all the important stuff you can't really see. We have a 5 year plan to add a front yard  fence, remodel the kitchen, landscaping, and a pool (just kidding, husband). 


Before and After

Pictured above you may have noticed some newspaper clippings that we found in one of the walls we removed. Those consisted of obituaries of the family that built the home. The original home was built circa 1910 by Roscoe C. Hobbs, businessman and conservationist attributed to Hobbs State Park. The original residence was destroyed by fire in 1912 with Hobbs rebuilding on the same lot.  Newspaper reports indicated that the fire burned slowly during the winter and all the furniture was saved, including light fixtures and the tub being carried out by neighbors. 



Before and After


Upstairs Bathrooms 1 & 2



Favorite things to do in downtown Rogers:

My husband loves to frequent OBC and you can usually find me at Trolley Line Bookshop. So sad to see them go! We love to eat at every restaurant located here and we enjoy walking to the farmers market and Lake Atalanta.  


Thank you for following along.

If you would like to participate in the downtown home tour project,

please reach out: kamara.ashley@gmail.com


Jennings Home Tour // Downtown Rogers, AR

Hello everyone and thank you for joining in on Chelsea and Franklin Jennings home tour. 

Tell us a little about your home!

We actually broke ground December 2016 and moved in July 2017, so the house is about as new as it gets! We were inspired by the modern farmhouse style, but we also wanted something that was classic enough to fit into a historic neighborhood, so we were careful to balance both new and old when making our decisions. For example, we used 100-year-old reclaimed bricks around the foundation and the wood-burning fireplace. We also went with white siding, paint, and subway tiles because it’s such a clean and classic look. It’s 3,400 square feet, which feels huge after spending the last half of our lives in dorms, apartments, and starter homes! We knew we wanted to build our forever home and are pinching ourselves that we are now settled in this beautiful house in such a great location.

What is your favorite thing about your home?


This was our first experience building our own home, and we really enjoyed being a part of the whole process. It’s hard to pick a favorite thing when so much thought and heart went into every inch of the house. Everest loves his dinosaur-themed bedroom and being able to see his Grammie’s house from his window. Franklin is enjoying the covered patio because it’s perfect for grilling out and entertaining friends. I would have to say the kitchen is my favorite room in the house. I have watched just about every episode of Fixer Upper on HGTV and spent hours on Pinterest over the years, so I was pumped to get to design my dream kitchen. I love cooking and how food brings people together to talk and celebrate, so the big island and openness to the main room makes it a perfect space for that.  

What brought your family to Downtown Rogers?


First and foremost, we love this neighborhood! We both grew up in Rogers, but Franklin’s parents have lived on Cypress Street since the early ‘70s, so he was born and raised in Downtown Rogers. We moved to Fayetteville for college and have lived there the last 16 years, but after settling down and having a child (who is about to start kindergarten), we were ready to be surrounded by friends, family, schools, and businesses in our hometown.

Since your home is a new construction, can you tell us a little history of the lot?

There was a house built on the lot in the early 1900s. In 1983, the next door neighbors, Wink and Marcella Winkleman, purchased the property, tore down the house (which was in disrepair), and planted an orchard and garden. Franklin’s parents, John and Rosemary Jennings, lived in the house right behind the property and eventually bought it and maintained the orchard and garden. It remained a spare lot in the neighborhood until this year when we hired our builder, John Ward with Homes by Ward, Inc. We started with a floor plan we found online, but he really let us redesign and custom build the house from the beginning to end. We were given the historic property abstract, which tells an interesting story about the previous owners and monetary exchanges (in 1871 it sold for $1.25 an acre and in 1934 it sold for “Love and Affection”), so we ended up framing the sheets and putting them up in our living room.

What are some of your favorite things to do in downtown Rogers?

We appreciate the character and charm of the surrounding houses and historical buildings, not to mention all the tall trees that provide shade and color, so we’ve been riding bikes and going on morning walks to take it all in. We’ve enjoyed going to the Farmer’s Market this summer and all the family-friendly events, like the Friday night outdoor movies and the Fourth of July parade. We also love to go to Levi’s, Frisco, and Ozark Brewing Co. when we have some down time! The sense of community here has been incredible.

THANK YOU to Chelsea, Franklin and Everest for letting us in your home! Welcome to the neighborhood!

Swearingen Home Tour // Downtown Rogers, AR

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining along on this tour of homes in our downtown. I want to remind everyone that this is strictly volunteer based and if you're wondering, "Why hasn't she asked us?" It's because I don't ask. I let you reach out to me and volunteer. I have two reasons for that approach;  One, I don't want to be a pest and chasing people around and two, when you volunteer I know you're committed to the tour.  I do not charge for my time or images when you volunteer and I keep it short and sweet averaging about an hour and a half (including editing time) per home tour. I will be honest and tell you that with the downtown forum and share via our awesome Chamber of Commerce, it's reaching hundreds of readers. As some of you are aware of the repetitive burglary in our neighborhood I became concerned with the safety and reach of this tour. I reached out to an officer that spoke at our local neighborhood watch meeting to ensure the intention of this blog and tour remains safe. He reassured me that it's perfectly okay and, if anything, it helps to build our community and make it even stronger. I will add, always call in your experience with these criminals, even if nothing was taken. We will not stand for feeling violated in our homes. 

Let's move on to our next participants of the downtown tour, Susie and Scott Swearingen. They are probably some of the nicest people I know and I have met the majority of the people in our neighborhood simply because Scott is quick to introduce, include and be a bridge to activities. Susie is a public education teacher and that has always captured my heart, I am (was secretly until now) envious of her style, class and natural beauty. 



Tell us a little about your home.

The house was built in 1957 as a 2,200 sf ranch style home. We're pretty sure the house plan came from Better homes and Gardens. Scott's grandparents borrowed $14,000 to build the house, built it for $12,000 and turned the remaining $2,000 back into the bank. 

What is your favorite thing about your home?

The location is pretty high on that list. Our neighbors are family- literally and metaphorically. There's something pretty magical about having so many people we love surrounding us. But also, this house is part of our family. Scott's dad grew up here. His grandfather built the house and lived here most of his life. There are memories in every inch of the house. Our daughter says this house is "very special" and we agree! 

What brought your family to Downtown Rogers?

Scott grew up in Rogers, just a couple of doors down! It didn't take too long for me to realize he was never leaving 4th street. I grew up in several different places so I've always admired his deep roots to his home. 

Did you make any additions/remodel/changes to the home? 

We painted the entire interior. We put new floors in the kitchen, painted the cabinets, and put new lighting in. We also put new floors in the back room and retiled both bathrooms. 

What is one of your favorite things to do in downtown Rogers?

We love biking to the farmers market, eating at The Rail and Las Palmas, grabbing beers at Ozark Beer Co., dinner at Levi's and drinks at Club Frisco, along with hanging out with our neighbors. We rarely use our cars on the weekends and we love that. 


to Susie and Scott (and Abbie!)

for welcoming us into your home. 

Zvers Family Home Tour // Downtown Rogers

Hello! Tell us a little about your home.


The Parks-Reagan House is a 2600 square foot Colonial Revival built by George Parks (a merchant in Rogers) in 1898. The heavy rusticated limestone foundation of the house was laid by John Myler and much of the rough and finished wood material of this house was furnished by the Van Winkle Mills at nearby War Eagle. The home was purchased and occupied by Zenas Lytton (Z. L.) Reagan from 1923-1976. Z.L. left the home to his beloved and famous educator daughters – Agnes Lytton, Mary Sue, and Betty Lynn Reagan. The home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. The Reagan sisters left the home and all of its belongings to the University of Arkansas. Eriks and I bought the home in October of 2014. With little modification in its almost 12 decades, it remains one of the oldest and best-preserved residences in Rogers.


What is your favorite thing about your home?

So hard to choose! The house in itself is beautifully designed. I love the large windows which keep the space bright and airy. We love to have company over and the spacious first floor layout is perfect for hosting, something the Reagans and Zvers have in common. I love how much people love our home and the Reagan Sisters. It is not uncommon to have strangers knock on the door and share stories about the sisters and how much they meant to them personally. We have learned so much about the home’s history and owners because people seek us out to share their memories.

What brought your family to Downtown Rogers?

Fate! Eriks and I were born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After taking a new position in NWA we were convinced we could only live in Fayetteville (we weren’t familiar with Rogers). Thank goodness the realtor who planned our showings insisted we look at one home in Rogers in Clower Farms. None of the homes in Fayetteville worked out and due to timing the only option left was the Rogers home. I cannot lie, we were pretty upset initially. This was not how we wanted to start our first journey away from our lifelong home.

Over lunch time I would drive around NWA and try to familiarize myself to our new location. It wasn’t but one month when I stumbled upon Downtown Rogers. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful older homes and tree lined narrow streets. It reminded me of home and I immediately brought my husband down to see. Shortly after we made an effort to frequent downtown shops, restaurants and bars to get a feel for the people. In no time at all curious, friendly locals were befriending us and inviting us to their homes and gatherings. We quickly discovered we had found “our people” and put Hunter Prowell to work on finding us a house in DTR. Buying the Parks-Reagan house was truly a matter of right place, right time! And of course having on the ball realtors! Thanks Hunter and Martha!!!

Did you make any additions/remodel/changes to the home? OR possibly share what you plan to do.

We haven’t done anything to date. Initially we thought we wanted to renovate right away, but we’re happy we took the last few years to live in the home and “get to know” her.

We are currently working with John Mack (JKJ Architects) and the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program to rehabilitate the home. We hope to begin construction within the year. The biggest changes will be adding a garage and converting the attic into a master bedroom. We need to update the mechanicals: plumbing, electrical and hvac. It is imperative to us that we maintain the integrity of the home, but also prepare it to last another 119 years.

What is one of your favorite things to do in downtown Rogers?

We love to simply hangout with the neighbors, in a garage, on a porch or at Club Frisco we are surrounded by amazing, kind people that take care of each other, like to have fun and hang out together. Not a weekend goes by that someone doesn’t open their home to the neighborhood. We live in a very special place and are so thankful to have found our Arkansas family.


Thank you so much Sue and Eriks! 

Grassroots organizing in downtown Rogers, Arkansas

UP was honored to have the opportunity to host Joshua Mahony, Democratic candidate for the 3rd Congressional District of Arkansas. We shared stories, food, and a beautiful Sunday evening as we listened to his core beliefs and platform. I encourage you to reach out to learn more, and possibly host an event during his listening tour this summer. If you would like to learn more, please visit his website here or Facebook page here

UP guests and members, we look forward to seeing you next month! Keep UP'ing your community!

Up'ing our community, now UP yours!

grass roots

/ˈɡras ˈˌro͞ots/


plural noun: grassroots


1. the common or ordinary people, especially as contrasted with the leadership or elite of a political party, social organization, etc.; the rank and file.

2. the agricultural and rural areas of a country.

3.  the people inhabiting these areas, especially as a political, social, or economic group.

4.  the origin or basis of something; the basic or primary concept, rule,part, or the like.

adjective, Also, grass-roots

5.  of, relating to, or involving the common people, especially ascontrasted with or separable from an elite:  a grassroots movement for nuclear disarmament.


We gathered. We ate (those lemon bars)!  We listened.  We are ready to keep moving forward. Please remember that UP is a member driven group. If you would like to share any ideas please email us: nwa.united.progressives@gmail.com

Join us May 21st (more details to come in newsletter)

The Zimmerman Home // Downtown Rogers Home Tour

  Thank you all for joining in! I am so happy to share Shane and Juli Zimmerman's home of our downtown community.

Can you tell us a little of what you know about your home?

Our home is a craftsman style home built in 1927. It is just under 2300 sf. It has a half basement that is used as a laundry room and double detached garage. 


What is your favorite thing about your home?

Of course the location of our home is perfect. But the spaces in the home seem to be laid out to our specific needs. Whether we're cooking, reading a book, playing guitar or watching a movie. 

What brought your family to downtown?

The community in which we live in is unparalleled to any other. Our friends and neighbors make downtown living a unique and  charming experience. Being downtown offers us the chance to walk to work daily. 

Did you make any additions/remodel/changes to the home?

In our two years of residency we have added new wood flooring throughout and redone some of the existing. We have also done a complete master bathroom remodel. During the remodel phases we have used the upstairs bedroom and the current dining room for sleeping quarters. 

What is one of your favorite things to do in downtown?

Being able to walk to the heart of downtown and seeing so many people we know as well as a lot of new faces is pretty special. The new bike trails and walking paths are also easily accessed. 

Name a couple of favorite pieces in your home and if you have a story behind them to include that would be great as well.

We like using odd pieces for different uses other than their intended. We have a 1956 Weber grill that has never had a fire in it that we use as a table. Our headboard is an old shaker style door from a remodel I did in downtown Rogers  over 15 years ago. Our art pieces we feel are unique to our personalities and tie the house together. 

        Thank you Shane and Juli!!

         I absolutely love your home.