The home of Robin and Kevin // Downtown Rogers Home Tour Series 2018

Hello everyone!! 

I have to say, I left this home feeling energized and happy. There's not one space where something isn't locally made. The value in the sourcing of the art, food, furniture, and more was felt in every room. I'm so happy Robin and Kevin included a great list of local craftsmanship that they used within their home. 

Thanks for joining in!!

E N J O Y !!!


Tell us a little about your home:

Our home was built in 1920 by K.A. & Beulah Frost.

Craftsman style.

2,430 sq. ft. (upstairs was added at some point later).

Others who owned the property: Sikes, Barron families.

We purchased from Jonathan Wilson in 2011. 



What is your favorite thing about your home?

Kevin: Every space has meaning and is intimate.

Robin: It lets me play with color and the natural light is energizing



What brought your family to Downtown Rogers?

Robin lived downtown for years, south of Walnut, and developed close friendships, including with her elderly across-the-street neighbors.

Kevin loves a sense of history and was a history major in college.

We both love that everything we want is right here and our neighborhoods have character and longevity.


What are some of your favorite things to do in downtown Rogers?

Kevin: Eat and drink at local establishments and enjoy the social aspects. Downtown is a warm, easy-going place.

Robin: I love to lunch at the cooking school! I love what Sheila's doing there. And I love that we have a cooking shop (Honeycomb), and cooking classes at both. And good junk stores.

Any upgrades to the home that you'd like share? 

We had a new driveway put in.

We are both Master Naturalists. Robin has been replacing plants in backyard with native and wildlife-friendly species. This winter we lost our 100-year-old sugar Maple in the backyard and so we're coming back with a Chinkapin oak, fringe tree, Appalachian redbud, and Sassafras trees. (We've purchased and are waiting for them to be planted!). She has planted hundreds of black-eyed Susan, bee balm, coreopsis, coneflower, prairie violet, butterfly weed, beautyberry, etc. 

David Goodman (his wife Angela was our Realtor) made all initial renovations: enlarging upstairs bathroom, built in cabinets and benches, changing kitchen stove to gas, recessed lighting, etc.

You can check out his website HERE



A handful of sources from their home that I think you should check out:


Alice Andrews (whimsical dragonflies, animals) 

Jan Ironside (bright red tulips)

Pamla Klenczar (yellow with turquoise doors and bike)

Hank Barnes (Stained Glass)


Ecovet Furniture (master bed, mirror, benches, bookshelves, etc.)

Randy Pennington (made the butcher block table)

Adrian at Olde World Door (made the back doors)