a collection of personal photos

I struggled a few times leaving behind our home 6 houses south of us. I wanted to keep it as a rental that way it would always be in our possession. I could have it within reach between tenants but in this season of our lives we couldn't handle the upkeep and were worried that it could perhaps take a financial toll on us as we just ventured to a new remodel of an even older home.  I knew of every chip on the quarter rounds surrounding the living space of that bungalow. I knew how to avoid the creak in the floor in front of the kitchen sink if I were holding Jordan while he slept. I loved every decision about our remodel and I only looked forward to finishing the rest of our projects. When we decided to sale it all happened so fast that I focused more on packing than really capturing our last days there. I got what I felt I could and what was necessary at the time.