Kamara Family Home Tour // Downtown Rogers, AR

     Starting our downtown home tour season off with adding our own plot of progress to the project. It's rather long as I have included before photos and those captured along our journey since our purchase close to two years ago. 

 Facts about the home:  

Our home is 3,700 square foot with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It's close to 110 years old with great bones. We have two staircases with one leading to nowhere. Our basement stays pretty dry and spreads just about the entire size of our home with it's great sump pump. 








Favorite thing about our home:  We love the natural light that we get from sunrise to sundown, the location, and our neighbors (minus the duplex across the street). 


Dining Room

Before and After

What brought your family to downtown Rogers? 

We were drawn to the community and the style of homes. 


Master Bedroom/Bath

Before and After

On the remodel: 

*If you would like to know about our personal experience with our contractor please feel free to reach out for more information (kamara.ashley@gmail.com). Sharing photos of our before and after is NOT an endorsement for any one person or company used.

Throughout our remodel process, we had every intention of keeping the home as close to original as possible. With that being said, we only moved two walls. One in the library where the sewer line was leaking though the wall and we discovered the original brick from the fireplace so we chose to expose and create a different layout for our current needs. The second wall was upstairs and we chose to make one bedroom smaller to create an additional family room and that also gave us the opportunity to support the roof better. In doing this the foundational integrity of our home had to be considered and reinforced throughout the basement.

And there you have it, our budget went to all the important stuff you can't really see. We have a 5 year plan to add a front yard  fence, remodel the kitchen, landscaping, and a pool (just kidding, husband). 


Before and After

Pictured above you may have noticed some newspaper clippings that we found in one of the walls we removed. Those consisted of obituaries of the family that built the home. The original home was built circa 1910 by Roscoe C. Hobbs, businessman and conservationist attributed to Hobbs State Park. The original residence was destroyed by fire in 1912 with Hobbs rebuilding on the same lot.  Newspaper reports indicated that the fire burned slowly during the winter and all the furniture was saved, including light fixtures and the tub being carried out by neighbors. 



Before and After


Upstairs Bathrooms 1 & 2



Favorite things to do in downtown Rogers:

My husband loves to frequent OBC and you can usually find me at Trolley Line Bookshop. So sad to see them go! We love to eat at every restaurant located here and we enjoy walking to the farmers market and Lake Atalanta.  


Thank you for following along.

If you would like to participate in the downtown home tour project,

please reach out: kamara.ashley@gmail.com