Swearingen Home Tour // Downtown Rogers, AR

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining along on this tour of homes in our downtown. I want to remind everyone that this is strictly volunteer based and if you're wondering, "Why hasn't she asked us?" It's because I don't ask. I let you reach out to me and volunteer. I have two reasons for that approach;  One, I don't want to be a pest and chasing people around and two, when you volunteer I know you're committed to the tour.  I do not charge for my time or images when you volunteer and I keep it short and sweet averaging about an hour and a half (including editing time) per home tour. I will be honest and tell you that with the downtown forum and share via our awesome Chamber of Commerce, it's reaching hundreds of readers. As some of you are aware of the repetitive burglary in our neighborhood I became concerned with the safety and reach of this tour. I reached out to an officer that spoke at our local neighborhood watch meeting to ensure the intention of this blog and tour remains safe. He reassured me that it's perfectly okay and, if anything, it helps to build our community and make it even stronger. I will add, always call in your experience with these criminals, even if nothing was taken. We will not stand for feeling violated in our homes. 

Let's move on to our next participants of the downtown tour, Susie and Scott Swearingen. They are probably some of the nicest people I know and I have met the majority of the people in our neighborhood simply because Scott is quick to introduce, include and be a bridge to activities. Susie is a public education teacher and that has always captured my heart, I am (was secretly until now) envious of her style, class and natural beauty. 



Tell us a little about your home.

The house was built in 1957 as a 2,200 sf ranch style home. We're pretty sure the house plan came from Better homes and Gardens. Scott's grandparents borrowed $14,000 to build the house, built it for $12,000 and turned the remaining $2,000 back into the bank. 

What is your favorite thing about your home?

The location is pretty high on that list. Our neighbors are family- literally and metaphorically. There's something pretty magical about having so many people we love surrounding us. But also, this house is part of our family. Scott's dad grew up here. His grandfather built the house and lived here most of his life. There are memories in every inch of the house. Our daughter says this house is "very special" and we agree! 

What brought your family to Downtown Rogers?

Scott grew up in Rogers, just a couple of doors down! It didn't take too long for me to realize he was never leaving 4th street. I grew up in several different places so I've always admired his deep roots to his home. 

Did you make any additions/remodel/changes to the home? 

We painted the entire interior. We put new floors in the kitchen, painted the cabinets, and put new lighting in. We also put new floors in the back room and retiled both bathrooms. 

What is one of your favorite things to do in downtown Rogers?

We love biking to the farmers market, eating at The Rail and Las Palmas, grabbing beers at Ozark Beer Co., dinner at Levi's and drinks at Club Frisco, along with hanging out with our neighbors. We rarely use our cars on the weekends and we love that. 


to Susie and Scott (and Abbie!)

for welcoming us into your home.