Calcote Home Tour

Hello everyone! I would love to introduce Mary and Jerry Calcote. Working with Mary through this home tour has been such a delight.  Together they took me through their home, gave me a tour and spoke so passionately of the renovations and history of their home that I got chills! My favorite part was the children's classroom. If you would like to know more information on her preschool please reach out a 'like' her Facebook page: The Children's Atelier

Let us all give The Calcote's a warm welcome!

E N J O Y!!!


Tell us what you know about your home including year built, style, square footage and any other facts you would like to include. 

  Our home was built in 1914, it is a 2600 sq. ft. Craftsman Bungalow. We know very little about our home’s history, other than in 1988 the process was started, but never completed, to have it listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This was during the time several other homes in downtown Rogers were added to the register. We plan to learn more about our home and complete the registration process.  If anyone knows some history on our home, we’d love to hear!

What is your favorite thing about your home?

  We love the craftsman detail of the built-ins and the 15 ft. window seat in the dining room, the exposed chimney in the kitchen,  and the open floor plan, just to name a few. Our home has retained most of it’s original features on the main floor; doors, hardware, floors, trim work, windows and a rare wall tub. In the living room, about five feet out from the wall, is one of the first style electrical plugs used in Rogers. The previous owners built two Jack & Jill style garages. One is entered from 3rd. St and the other from the alley. They both have access doors to the courtyard.

What brought your family to Downtown Rogers? 

  It has always been a dream of ours to live in an old home in a quaint neighborhood. When we first moved to NWA in 1997, we looked at every home in downtown Bentonville that came on the market for over a year. We were unable to find one to fit our family of six. Twelve years later, as empty nesters, we decided to give it another try. Once again, we just couldn’t find the right home for us. Five years after that, it was time for Jerry to retire and enjoy life. We thought, it’s now or never! We made a pledge to wait for the right house, and rent if we needed to. We expanded our search to a two hour drive. We were drawn to a beautiful neighborhood in Springfield, MO., but we just couldn’t seem to commit. Our home sold, we had nowhere to go, and were fully prepared to rent. On the evening of the home inspection, we were out aimlessly driving around, and we found ourselves in downtown Rogers. Jerry stopped the car and said, “Look! There’s a craftsman for sale!” That next morning, we were the proud owners of our dream home! So, to answer your question, ‘What brought us to downtown Rogers?’ God.

 Did you make any additions/remodel to the home?  If so, feel free to share your sources and/or process of the additions.  

  We haven’t made any additions, but just completed a remodeled the sunporch which we feel was added to the back of the home in the 50s-60s. One wall was covered in knotty pine paneling which we were able to repair and use as wainscoting. Our son, Brian Mowrey, designed and built custom cabinetry and the 20ft oak ceiling beam. To add warmth to the room, on the floor we used reclaimed brick from 100-200 year old Chicago warehouse buildings. This room is now my Reggio Emilia inspired studio where I will work with a few preschool aged children.

What is one of your favorite things to do in downtown Rogers?

  We love evening walks downtown, we enjoy walking the trail that leads to Lake Atlanta, the farmers market is great, and we really enjoyed the outdoor movies this summer. There are several antique malls we frequent, we always enjoy stopping by the Roger’s Historical Museum to see their new displays and attend events.

  Downtown Rogers is also a great place to do nothing. You can set out on your front porch and literally, watch the neighborhood go by. There are always families walking their dogs, riding bikes or jogging by offering a friendly wave and a warm, “Hello!”

Name a couple of favorite pieces in your home and if you have a source to include that would be great as well.

  Our home is filled with sentimental pieces; Jerry’s aunts dinning room table, my Grandmother’s chifferobe, an old US Post office from rural Connecticut, the first piece Jerry and I refinished together, even the iron baby bed I sleep in as a child.

Thank you Calcote Family!! 

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