Miller family // Muskogee, OK

 Madison and I have been trying to take photos for a couple years now. Between work, family and distance between us it has been hard making that happen. Finally this past weekend we connected. I also had some free time to see family and do a few of my favorite things. My biggest disappointment was getting into town after Harmony House closed. I made up for it by eating my favorite pizza, a child's chunk and a chopped beef sandwich for dinner. I got a couch at my favorite flea market and I can't wait to go back and pick it up. Hopefully my favorite lady will be working!

 More importantly, photographing Madison and her growing family was an honor. She is one of my favorite people. I always admired her growing up and definitely followed (copied!) any or all trends she picked up along the way. Her sass and intelligence carried with me far after we got busy later in life while 'adulting.' It was truly special getting to hold her son and documenting her growing belly with their 2nd. Madsion, I love you and you are bleeping awesome.